Question: lethality of a game cartridge formula

I seem to remember an article that discussed “how good” is a cartridge, in terms of lethality. Usually it’s sort of eyeballing weight to velocity, but there was another article I read about something (I think() Hornady came up with, some formula, then its output correlated to various game, from rabbit to t-rex. And I can’t remember or find it anymore. @sungazer I think you mentioned something about it too.

Does anyone know what I am talking about and has a link on hand to the calculator and data table for it?

Do you mean, like SD ?

I think you may be referring to the rule of thumb 1000 ft/lbs of energy.

No, no, there was some “scientific” thing I found… I’ll find it again…

Hmm, you’ve gone and got my curiosity aroused. Don’t spare the horses to find it mate…:beers:

From Hornady

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. My marketing bullshit-o-meter is getting a high reading.

That’s the one!

Over 9000 H.I.T.S

So what number is considered a good ethical kill number. I am sure it will be different for different animals and shot locations but you have to have a starting point.

To take the guess work out & corporate (cough cough) science from Hornady of it for an ethical kill in Oz just use a 300 win mag for everything from cane toads up to camels. But big buffs need something special!! :wink:

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Why stop at 300? :grin:

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Just to keep the peace because some pigtail wearing hippies may consider a 50cal overkill on a toad or bunny. :grin:

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