Question, ideas? Convert baby change table to...

I have this old baby change table:

It’s quite solid and sturdy, but not sturdy enough to mount a press and resize cases, for example, perhaps for all other reloading with some reinforcement. Don’t know. So I am thinking, I want to do something with it in the garage. Seems like a potentially useful mobile station for something or other. Any ideas?

I was also thinking a rifle cleaning station, but lately I’ve been cleaning by clamping rifles in vise, rather than using a stand. A lot more convenient, so this would be a step backwards.

Thoughts, ideas, suggestions?

Bastard, Brett beat me to it. I’m free tomorrow afternoon if required. :+1:

Bloody hell, I’m trying to ask for ideas and you pricks are all pretending like you remember how to use it.

You could always use it to put you tumbler on if you have one. Store your brass on the shelves underneath.
Or you could use it as a trimming/case prep station.

Look. Brett is in Sydney, right. So the best he can probably do is Saturday if he catches a flight. I’m right to go Friday avo. I’m only about an hours drive away from work to the wife. :wink:. Just text the address. I’ll be there in a flash and your worries will be over.

Doesn’t seem like an hour drive is worth 6 second of cardio for you, OB.

Set for ammo store, trimmer is mounted on the bench or I use a die sometimes, depends on what I’m doing. First world problem… I’ll probably use it for tool storage.

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If your into pistols would be the perfect height to clean them.

I will be, in around 3 weeks :slight_smile:

I should clarify. I have a perfectly good work bench. This is more of an auxiliary thing.

Put castors on it and see how many tools you can fit on it before you put them away properly! :wink:

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Yep. Tool caddy. That way you can wheel it around to follow your work flow and when you finish with a tool dump it there. Saves looking in 5 places for that thing you just put down while you quickly grabbed…

My workspace is already organised well. Yes, I am very hard to buy for lol

While your doing that I can “keep the Mrs happy” :sunglasses:

The tool caddy is a portable dumping ground to help keep your work space well organised… send it to me… i should use it. You should see my shed at the moment; it’s shameful!