Question: ADI AR2208 (Varget) powder for 45-70

Alright folks, I feel in the mood…

I have another mould that I was using, but it’s not gas checked and I was sending them with Trail Boss. I have this mould now (above), gas checks and setup for powder coating, so I will be sending these babies out fast.

Rifle spec:
Modern, break-open single shot, 18" barrel.

What’s a common ‘shooter consensus’ go-to powder used in 45-70?

I am thinking AR2208 is a tad too slow and 2205 is a bit too fast. I don’t want to load it with Trail Boss. So… Suggestions for powder and load data reference for 500gr hard-cast pill would be appreciated.

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I have a $20 (bought form China) red dot on it. It’s been ‘recoiled apart’ - almost. I am not buying another, until it kicks it, but it just keeps on going. I am hopping this will finish it off.

2208 or 206H for fast. BM2 has been used also. Most loadings for Ruger No1 uses 2208, Cheers.
ADI manual has a section just for modern rifles, ie: Ruger 1 & 3, Siamese Mauser, Browning 1885 etc

I couldn’t find any cast load data in ADI manuals…

These are trapdoor loads so you could push them a bit quicker in a marlin or newer browning/Winchester.

For powder coated/gas checked you could also start at a couple of grains below the jacketed load data and work from there

Sounds like 2208 is the go, but need to start low, will probably use cotton ball or something as filler and work up to what seems to be 50-53gr max depending on COAL and weight.

Yep, ok, mine will take Ruger #1 pressures, so I recon I have something to work with :slight_smile:

Only shitty thing about that, is that it’s a lot of powder - by weight, which translates to money. Wondering if there’s something that I can use that takes less powder and achieves the same result.

Hrmmm getting frisky here with my loading :slight_smile:

For some reason, I remember seeing 2207 as popular powder for 44-70, but seems like powders are all over the place for this calibre.

ADI 5th edition, page 153, “Modern Rifles”
, 500g Benchmark 2, Sta. 50.0,1650 fps Mx 54.0, 1780
500g AR2206, Sta. 50.0, 1665 fps, Mx. 55.0, 1830
500g, AR2208, Sta. 54.0, 1685 fps, Mx. 57.0 , 1785 fps
All oads for Ruger single shot, Browning 1885 (Modern), Siamese Mauser Cheers

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: nice mould.

What’s funny, @Jim_Fleming?

I did some testing at the range today and decided that ADI AR2208 doesn’t really work with my configuration. It being H&R (New England) rifle with 20" barrel and 500GR bullets.

Lots of unburnt powder, even with 37.5, which would be on the very low end of this scale.

I went from 37.5 to 41 grains of AR2208. At about 40 grains recoil was savage. I moved to 40.5, still no pressure signs. Rifle is like, whatever man, lets get this done. My shoulder on the other hand called it quits, so I didn’t even finish the 40.5 test load. That said, at 37.5 I was getting unburnt powder and from there on, so really there’s just no point using this powder in my configuration.

Can anyone suggest a better, sort of ‘go to’ powder, if you have one, for 45-70 and heavy pills?

@Supaduke @TheDude anyone else? I know you guys are into your mad scientist loads :slight_smile:

Something tested, rather than manual based.


500gr pills in 45-70 and starting load of 50 grains of AR2208/Varget is a no go and I strongly suspect dangerous. At least for H&R chamber (New England SB 2 Handy 45-70 ). 37.5 as a starting load was tested successfully.

I have a few more findings and why I started where I started, etc. Will post that later… But for now, tested powder recommendations are very welcome.

Who told you that twaddle about 50 of 2208 being dangerous? The NEF S2 action has been used with both Buffalo Bore and Garret ammo at 35000 cup, and has been hand loaded well over 50000 by many people including myself. The NEF is not recommended for 500g projectiles, but can fire them, I have used 48.0g of AR2206H in a Handi-Rifle with 500g jacketed, but it is not pleasant to shoot. If you want to read something interesting go to castboolits and enter “NEF Preesure Limits” and read Clarks post about 87000 psi proof loads in an S2 action, Cheers.
PS: S2 Action ONLY, not S1, and definitely not the old Shikari.

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I have only loaded up to 405gr bullets. I mostly use 325gr ftx jacketed for hot loads.
Otherwise I just use TB for plinking loads of 300gr -405gr cast bullets. Off the top of my head, I use 2207 or 2209 ( I can’t remember right now, will check when I get home). It provides a pretty stout loading for the 325gr bullets. I use 50gr of powder and it burns clean.

Just looking at the ADI charts indicates 2206 or 2207 & 2206H are all tad faster than 2208.

Anyway is it a big deal?

I must be in strife, I use 2208 for both 223 & 30-06 LOL seems to work.

Haven’t got any tested loads for 45-70 with 2208 sorry. Only shoot black powder out of my pedersoli highwall.

You might need a faster powder or possibly try with a bit of a crimp and or magnum primers to get a cleaner burn.

I use 2207. 50gr for the 325gr ftx. Not sure how the 500gr would cycle in a lever.
It provides for an accurate and somewhat stout load. It is a 45-70 though, any load that’s reasonably hot will be pretty strong on the shoulder.

what OAL are you loading to JS. i can run the numbers in quickload for you

From a guy that worked in the ADI factory in the testing and quality control area. ADI powders by the way they are manufactured the size shape and construction of each granular do not need magnum primers.

Yeah, to be honest, I don’t think primer or crimp would solve it, I generally crimp alright on cast bullets.

I will get more data, some photos and post here in the next few days. Been a little busy.

Did you have any luck with that?