QLD Weapons Licensing release new licence issuing guidelines - *IMPORTANT*


FOLLOWING on from our recent post about Weapons Licensing suspending or rejecting an increasing number of licences for issues long in the past, we have an update.

WLB have sent a communication to members of the firearms industry in Queensland outlining their new stance on certain issues, particularly how certain minor offences will affect licence applications and renewals.

In the interests of keeping our members and the wider shooting community informed, we are sharing this letter with you now.

While being pitched as an exercise in ‘transparency’, we are extremely concerned by some of these changes in policies - and as we speak, Shooters Union are seeking expert advice on how to proceed.

We are not going to just roll over on this issue. However, we need proper advice on how to address the situation and given it’s smack in the middle of the Christmas/New Year holiday break, that will take a little time to arrange.

In the meantime, we reiterate:

If you are a member and receive communication from Weapons Licensing regarding your status as a “fit and proper person” and/or suspending, rejecting or revoking your licence (or PTA etc) for that reason then please IMMEDIATELY send ALL correspondence and documentation related to the issue to us at [email protected]

We will look at it and offer some guidance on how to proceed from there – we are here to support you!

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Any chance that you could post a pdf of the document, or provide a web link to it?

It’s on our Facebook page too, but it’s the same screenshot as here (no way to post .pdfs). If you’re having trouble reading it, you can download the images, open them in Windows and zoom in that way :slight_smile:

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