QLD Like for Like law.

Found this on another site and thought that it might be of interest to those who live in QLD.
I for one think that it is a good idea, just need to get the regime to agree :tired_face::tired_face::persevere:
I know that it is old but some might not know about it.

Ya beat me to it @fatman!! :grinning:
I took advantage of this law this week with my 22wmr. It was the first time Iā€™d heard of it but its a great common sense firearm law. I took the old magnum in and got another with no pta no wait time and got to keep the"spares" off the old rifle (stock bolt trigger group/mag well sights etc). From other responses it looks like a qld law only atm ??? :beers:

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Yeah Daddybang, I had a look at the W.A laws and could not find anything about it, not that our lot would be interested in doing something that is sensible.