QCAT rules being a farmer is a valid reason for a handgun licence in QLD

Great news today - QCAT has dismissed an appeal by the police to overturn an earlier decision which ruled being a farmer is an “occupational reason” under the Weapons Act for the issue of a Cat H (handgun) licence.

This now means farmers in Queensland have a legal precedent which says they are entitled to apply for a handgun licence as part of their job.

I can also confirm Shooters Union contributed financially to the farmer’s legal costs, so we’re naturally delighted with this result.

The case citation is Queensland Police Service (Weapons Licensing Branch) v Salmon [2018] QCATA if anyone wants to do some reading :slight_smile:


This has been in the courts for couple of years now, ye?

That’s my understanding, but this ruling is effectively final.


That’s great news, well done QCAT for letting common sense prevale!

Queensland Country Life have an excellent story on the issue: https://www.queenslandcountrylife.com.au/story/6544053/weapons-licensing-handgun-appeal-dismissed/55035829

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