pta waiting time nationally

curious to anyone whos recently submitted a PTA (last month or so) and how long the had to wait for each state. i suspect now that its almost christmas the various state registries will take that as an excuse to delay all PTAs till the end of the holiday season next year

I’ve had one take seven days in WA in December

I’ve had one take eight weeks after Easter.

Really varies - the latter was after they announced they intended to get rid of property letters and there was a huge surge in purchases and I decided to add three long arms.

The former was a club supported handgun (actually two) so more of a rubber stamping exercise for the assessor.

Shooters Union recently said Queensland have responded to pressure and hired extra staff to deal with a backlog.

Gota couple recently, 8 days for one and can’t really say on the second one as our mailbox was underwater so they held our mail in town. It was in with everything else so might have been a week, might have been 3?

So, went in on the 1st (H), let’s discount Friday and the weekend, so say 4th. Questioned (expected) on the 8th, still waiting. Expecting this week or next (as per usual). Stay tuned.

Just got mine. So not too bad all things considered.

Afdanastan Cat B PTA taking 7 days so far, and the gun is at my LGS!!! GRRR!

All my Cat H take the full 28 days. A/B about 7 Days.
Northern Territory