PTA, More info required letter.

So instead of a PTA, this charming letter arrived.

It says public domain at the top, I’m assuming it’s ok to discuss this on a forum.
What does and does not work for these letters. I seemed to have dodged a bullet (pun intended) till now. I have a few ideas what to write. I thought it would be a useful topic for reference.

Interesting…I thought these letters were not being sent any out anymore. I have had 2 in the past and both permits were issued after I sent an answer back.

G’day Supaduke,
I have had a number of these, and I have had to reply that the particular rifle I applied for was for a particular competition, ie: Long barrel, pre-WW1, WW2, rapid fire (all military comps for me, of course) but I also want to shoot SASS comps, so a lever action rifle is needed due to the rule restrictions on the other Cat B I own. Same “genuine reason” for the next rifle in 30/30 (SASS long range) or medium game scrub hunting etc. LRD will seldom refuse a PTA if a good reason is submitted, Cheers.


Welcome to the club, mate.

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Large mobs of pigs (lots of rounds in your lever gun mag) on a relatively small property of thick scrub hence a pistol calibre to prevent shooting out of the property. 357 packs ballistics and downrange energy for humanely dispatching the animals at relatively close range.
Otherwise you’d be forced to use you 45-70 With the inherent risk of over penetration and or missed shots possibly exiting the property


No.1mk3, Do you get letters intermittently or for every new firearms cat B purchase from here on in?

Well I fired off an email. The initial draft of
“I want a .357 magnum lever because they are awesome” , was elaborated upon somewhat. Hopefully I get the desired result.

" This firearm is for hilly terrain being 1kg lighter than all my other firearms " :rofl:

I used something very similar for the Tikka M55, and the Ruger paddle stock 308. Worked OK too.

Every Cat B or H I apply for. Have even had then try to knock back a 357 on the basis I had a 38Spl and they considered them to be the same! Had to actually write back explaining the power difference and why a 357 is better for metallic.

Couldn’t you just say “i need it because there’s an empty spot in one of my safes”. That sounds valid to me.

Just be mindful what you say, publicly, here fellas…

Well my polite and respectful letter was deemed adequate for the powers that be and my PTA arrived today.
Relatively painless process that didn’t do much but extend the process by about a week.
Dare be it for me, a lowly citizen, to criticize a seemingly pointless bureaucratic runaround.
I have no doubt people, much smarter than I, know what’s best and have good reason to implement this process.



Glad to hear it mate.