PSA: QLD Gun Exchange clearing Pardus Shotguns at 40% off

Just got an e-mail from Queensland Gun Exchange; they’re doing a clearance on Pardus shotguns and are selling their existing stock off at nearly half price. Thought I’d share on the off-chance anyone was after a cheap fun shotgun…


I think it’s a case of the straight pull shotguns becoming the dominant seller. Market is probably slightly over saturated with choice for lever action too. I think 2021 will see a lot more tacticool straight pulls and lever actions will continue to lose market share. Pretty much anyone who has used both will say straight pulls are a bit nicer.
Not a bad deal if chasing one though.


Yup having owned both I reckon levers are a thing of the past.

Half price ish… Hmm, tempting “I don’t need one but on the other hand, do I not need one ?”… ahhh it’s doing my head in…!!! Must resist or can I not resist… ffs… The mrs thinks you mob are a bad influence lol.

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Enablers unite!

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Your the king of enablers, last time you opened ya flappers like this ya forced me to buy the R A compact… :wink:

I think you need one mate!

Still love that gun, now you should take a look at Cz 515

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I love mine too, but there you go again !.. Trying to seed stuf that’s likely to get me in trouble. :rofl: :sunglasses: Infact I’m picturing you sitting there rubbing your hands together while chuckling in an evil manner !.. Meh, I can’t stay mad at you lol. :smiling_imp::slight_smile:

Just take a look at it, that’s all :slight_smile:

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Mmm yummy, it’s added to the list. Thanks Mr evil lol. :rofl: :kissing_heart: :sunglasses:

Pardus’s are still on special as well, very low stock though if anyone’s still keen