Processing time for PTA in Victoria

I was in the LGS on the weekend and was listing to a bit of chit chat from the owner and customers. One of the overheard snipits stuck in my head after @GUN-DMC commented on the delay on his latest acquisition. It seems that there has been some whinging by Gun Stores that do not have the OnLine PTA system complaining they are disadvantaged. To make if fair the LRD have put in a delay for the Online system to equal out all the LGS’s.

Overheard chit chat can anyone confirm?

Also a big bit of Nothing

That is stupid if it’s true!
why don’t the idiots bring their shops into this century and get a computer and put in online permits?
Thats like me complaining that it takes me two days to drive to QLD so all the airplanes have to board all there passangers then wait a day and a half before they can take off!


Filled in a few lately, all came back within a day, that’s when shop got around to contacting me. Bet they got them in hours.

Shops that don’t have online facilities, lol. Making faster horses, stuck in the past, consumers vote with their wallets and no matter what they try, they will modernise or go out of business. Sooner, the better (either or).

Exactly, peobably the same asshats who say that single shot 303 is all you need.

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Takes me all day to walk to town and back to get a pack of smokes. I stay in there at the pub because it’s a 5hr walk and me old horse died last year. Gov’t should ban cars 'cause I’m disadvantaged by all the people who drive to the tobacconist… smoking is bloody expensive these days.


Especially for a horse without a source of income.

Just spoke to LGS, for a PTA, yes… They told me they are a bit slow and can take up to two days. FYI

So that other story is tinfoil then?

Perhaps not. They may have been automatically approved before if certain conditions were met. Perhaps the Auto feature has been turned off. now resulting in a delay.

I was told that they are just short on staff.

Hardcore conspiracy right there lol.

Alright, can confirm, 2 day. Got a call earlier today. So I’d say they probably for it yesterday…

Yeah my 5 were done in two days, just took me a while to get back out there

OK Guys put on your tin foil hats. However I have been in three different gun shops in the past few weeks and bought up the PTA time in general conversation and all gave reasons that PTA’s would take longer now. One GS said it was an interpretation by the police and it was intended to stop the “Impulse buy” dont know about that one but he said he had gone from same day over a coffee to quoting customers 3 days to now a week.

Another gun shop I rang yesterday to organize PTA Class A and they said 3 days, will see when in comes through.

OK hats off :sweat_smile:

It’s that the same shop that doesn’t have internet? LOL

How is PTA supposed to stop impulse buy? I buy, then I get PTA. They are telling you three different stories mate.
In the last couple of weeks mine took 2 days each, excluding one, but that was planned and even that came faster than anticipated. I think you need to stop shopping for an opinion and buy some guns to test the theory. Three should do it. Buy one on Monday morning, one on Monday evening and repeat on Tuesday and Wednesday. Sorry, ye, 6 guns :slight_smile:

Actually, applying time with out tinfoil hat, it sounds like they are short on staff and not rehiring, so buffering SLA period so to speak. It makes sense. Shitty, but that’s how I suppose it could be rationalised.

No the shop yesterday had the online system. Hopefully I can test it with three purchases.:grin:

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Do it! Oh yerrrrr.