Private ranges and unlicensed shooters

Just read this article -

I don’t know how accurate the reporting is, but if it is true I have several concerns. One law for the rich?

I might have to go and have a look being that it is just up the road. The article is a bit over the top stating worries that

"Horse and cattle breeders are particularly worried, with some saying they fear their animals are being “spooked” by the regular sound of high-calibre gun fire and are struggling to breed.

The property is 2000 Acres that’s big. My cattle have no problem breeding with bullets often literally flying over there heads.

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A more established publication-

Lots of high ground around there, one free weekend i’m going to go and have a gander! Wish i had more mag than a 16x scope :roll_eyes:

Yes it does make you wonder if it’s true if it was an every day joe blow the police would have kicked the door down by now we can’t even take our guns interstate without going through a process

Yeah this was all released on ch9 60 minutes on Sunday night. It caught my attention too :thinking:.

60 minutes is a respectable and objective programme. It would never stoop to gutter journalism. Bwahahhaha

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