Price guide for a Marlin

G’day gents. Anyone hazard a guess what a second hand Marlin 1894 CSS would be worth?
I am trying to ascertain exactly when it was made however it is a recent model therefor not JM stamped, it appears to be almost new, action is nice. I am hoping to take it to the range and try it first.
I have looked on used guns etc to try and find something to compare it to however there doesn’t seem to be any of the stainless walnut models on there.

No takers?

Is it in 44 or have there been other calibres for that model?

Personally, when I’ve sold something modern, which I have and it was in as new condition, I just subtracted 30%. Depends on a bunch of things though, like pistol calibres are a bit more scarce these days, heaps of 30-30 however, so ymmv

I think you can still work out the year from the non-serial number on the newer Remlins. Located on the left side of the barrel where the tiny little JM would be.

Might be of some help: Marlin Serial Number Guide - Articles - FHuCK Outdoors

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Thanks mate that will help for sure. It’s a 357 Mag.