Preventing your firearms from rusting!

Just wondering what everyone uses in their gun safes to prevent moisture from rusting away their firearms.
There are a few different things out there like electric dehumidifiers, battery operated ones and the good old chemical/granular type.
I use the granular type as I am in a pretty dry environment but I know some of you are in high humidity areas.

So what do you use and why.

Battery Operated.

Electric Operated.


I use silica gel. Not the little bags though. Ive got about 1/2 kg of lab grade stuff that is bright blue when it’s dry and goes pink to white when it’s absorbed water. You can just dry it in the oven or in the sun on a hot day and it’s good to go again

Rather than try and control the environment, although I am not in a bad area. I think it is better to apply coatings to the gun. On the outside I like the saddle type leather dressings a blend of oil and bees wax. Its good for any wood surfaces that have been oiled as well. Down the barrel Sweets oil or Chainsaw bar lube it is good and sticky to hang onto surfaces.

Just clean it out with Brake cleaner before shooting 2-3 patches.

I cerakote mine and leave em’ the few that arn’t, arn’t users and get a heavy coat of oil a few times a year and a silicone gun sock

I use moisture absorption tub inside the safe. All guns are in socks, but that’s mostly to avoid smacking them on the safe or each other. All have an oil patch through the bore when they are in there and all get an Innox/Oil rag wipe on the outside. Generally prefer to use Innox though, because over long term oil is not that friendly with wooden stocks.

Oil. Gets a bit humid down here but nothing like the Top End or even Nth Tassie, All safes are lined with carpet though, including the ammo storage safe, to prevent condensation forming. Has worked well for me, and the previous owner of one of my rifles I can track back to 1950, although he used a barrel keeper which I don’t. I think they are a risk I can live without, Cheers.

A bowl of teabags!!:grinning:

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I use the chemical damp rid type stuff but I put it in the gun room not the safe, I think they could pull moisture into the safe. I prefer to try and catch it before it gets into the safe, not sure how good my logic is but that’s what I do.


I think you are on the right track there. There would not be a lot of air transfer from a room to a safe on a continuous basis. Only really when you open the door. Its a good reason to get you guns out a couple of times a year to fondle them and a wipe over with either a silicon or lanox rag.

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Bitch, please, I personally saw you watering your safe, so the rifles will grow. Stupid logic!

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