Press riser/mount by MaxJon

I decided that cleaning guns is too hard and the bench has too much crap on it, that I couldn’t be bothered moving, so I decided to sniff some paint and rearrange wife’s fairy garden…

A while ago MaxJon was advertising his wares on the forum, I can’t find the original link, but it was an RCBS press mount, which I finally picked up after lockdown and with stars aligning…

Comes in raw form, not really an issue, I like smelling paint fumes.

I knew exactly what finish I was after too.

…nice charcoal textured finish…

Wife’s fairy garden finally being useful.

And so… We have a pretty freaking good press riser, by @MaxJon.

Excellent, solid, just the right hight for me, since I geek out with my guns out standing up, rather than sitting down, so this is perfect.

Side by side with Dillon’s strong mount vs MaxJon’s mount. MaxJon’s mount shits all over the Strong Mount, in design, quality and looks, my photos don’t really do it justice. Will have to take 650 measurements and ask for one more.


Looks bloody good.

Yeah, I think so too. A lot nicer to look at than the ‘strong mount’.

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I like it a lot, I think it makes the “strong mount” look like a flimsy pos imo.:+1:

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Thanks @juststarting! I think I still have the .DXF cad files for the lazer cutter… if anyone wants one haha…it probably is a bit overkill but, solid is good, I believe.


There’s a couple of mods I will have to show, and supply you…its the reason the top plate is a little wider than the press. Nice paint, should get you to paint mine…haha

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The white knight brand of paint is excellent IMHO I have used it on a lot of farm machinary that lives outside permanently also on the cattle truck tray which gets piss and shit all over it every time it is used and then pressure washed. all the other enamals chip off or disappear the WK is the real deal.

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Yep, I had a mental image of what I wanted, I am just happy I could describe it to someone who wasn’t half retarded and knew what I meant. Pretty happy with that.

Yeah rightttttttttt :rofl:

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