Practical 22 (IPSC with 22LR) (rifle and handgun)

Yeah, IPSC doesn’t like when people infringe on their copyrighted trademark (booo), so we will call it not-IPSC 22LR Practical Pistols :slight_smile:

Anyway, a few of us playing around with some ideas, 22LR only, to put this comp on a calendar… Probably ran 6+ courses of fire throughout the morning, seeing what works. Most amount of fun you can have for a price of a few 22LR boxes. Also tried running it with a rifle, works very well.

To those of you who have joined us for 22LR rifle version of the comp, this is what the first 2 stages may look/feel like in the future. 50m stage remains unchanged.


Really ist that first target just a bit to close? Just stab the damn thing or fix bayonets. Even a good kick to the groin would fix that target up.

I know, right, its so much fun.

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It’s there to force a decision. Shoot on the move or stop. Time vs accuracy.

22LR does look like a great fit for not-IPSC, a great way not to empty the wallet while having some fun

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Heaps of fun. Everyone is there to have fun. This one was closed of to most, just experimenting with a few regulars to get some baselines and see what works… Next one will be open to all. It is scored, just for the day, but everyone is there to have fun. Safety first, fun second, very different atmosphere to guys in lycra who take it a little more seriously than what t needs to be :slight_smile:

@Q_Q - I assume you are on your provisional, if that’s the case you are more than welcome to drop by participate.

Not quite on the provisional yet sadly, still working towards it. Aim to take you up on that offer once I am though.

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