PPU ammo and brass

Thought I’d post a quick photo I took…

On the left a PPU case, as is, as I picked it up after firing. On the right Geco case, same, as is. Just after firing.

Neither have been cleaned, just picked up from the ground.

So lots of people hang shit on PPU brass, which is not exactly correct. PPU brass is excellent. I load a few calibres using PPU brass and have never had a case split or show signs of pressure when I thought they would (unlike Winchester and Remington). Some PPU 308 cases I have are on 5th and 6th firing without annealing (I do neck size only though and trim only if needed).

Anyway, brass - awesome, but the actual beef that I think got associated with PPU is how dirty it is. It is filthy. It burns dirty and makes your fun dirty and nobody likes dirty fun guns.

Anyhow, thought I’d clarify this for unsuspecting public.

I have found about the same with the PPU brass. About 5-6 firings no splits or anything catastrophic just the normal head expansion.

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I concur.
Good quality brass, I use it for plinking milsurps, mostly with trail boss and cast pills and I think used like that it’ll last me forever.