Powder coating methods

Question for people who powder coat, do you use the plastic BBs (that I see on YouTube) when doing the shake and bake method?

At this stage, I just preheat the bullets and then shake them in a container. Wondering if there are better methods, other methods, etc.

Dammit man your killing my mind now! I was at Hawkesbury river bullet co to pick up some pills a month ago. I had the kids with me so he took us on a tour, he let the kids drop some 45-70 pills and and went through the whole process with us. But do you think I retained any info on the powder coating? Nup!

I don’t use any BBs I just find the right container, and shake them around. If it’s cold or the humidity is high I warm them up on top of the toaster oven for a few minutes first. Then 20 min on 200C. Once there finished cooking I drop the tray in water with seems to help to separate any that are stuck together, and I’m inpatient and want them to be cool.
Also different types and brands of powder coating works better and differently than others.


@juststarting, have you tried the Hi-Tek coating? I haven’t tried powder coating only ever used Hi-Tek, but it is so easy to use.

I have not, but I would like to… Got local contact?

Emailed See how we go…

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That’s what I use for pistol bullets. Very tough. I prefer traditional wax/grease lubes myself though.

I got a response and I’ll probably order a jar. I use pan lube for black powder stuff. That’s about it. Shake and bake everything else.

Only 1 jar lol

Yeah, don’t cast that much believe it or not. I only cast for really expensive stuff or projectiles that are not commercially available.

Did you get red to make them go faster or hot pink so you can give them some loving?

Old thread, but whats the go with PC?? I think i wanna try it! Shake n bake…spray gun…or…???