Potential C-More shotgun ban

@ShootersUnion - news on this?

We’ve sent this letter to LRD requesting more information. Right now the only response we have is a “Thank you for your e-mail, it has been received” e-mail.


My name is Graham Park and I am the president of Shooters Union Australia, Australia’s pre-eminent national pro-firearms organisation.

I am writing in regards to communications we have seen purportedly from the Licensing and Registration Division (LRD) concerning the C-More Competition M26 12ga straight-pull bolt-action shotgun.

These communications indicate LRD is considering recategorising the shotgun, due to its alleged “substantial duplication in appearance and design of a military firearm”.

On behalf of our members, I would like to know:

  • Which specific firearm is the C-More Competition M26 alleged to substantially duplicate?
  • What has prompted this recategorisation consideration?
  • Given the gun has been available for some years, why has it suddenly become an issue now?
  • What is the process being undertaken to ensure this matter is handled fairly?
  • When is a decision on the recategorisation expected?
  • Is Victoria planning a recategorisation, ban or further restrictions on straight-pull bolt-action shotguns in general?

We have been unable to find a military firearm which resembles the C-More Competition M26 in any substantial way.

Given the vast numbers of straight-pull bolt action shotguns on the market – many of which feature pistol grips and a “tactical” appearance, we remain mystified as to why this particular gun has been singled out for attention.

While we appreciate the shotgun has not been recategorised at this stage, we formally request you do not change the classification of the firearm away from Category A and leave the status quo in place.

Yours sincerely,

Graham Park

President, Shooters Union Australia


Noice. Did what had to be done fast.


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