post-COVID-19 world and firearm purchasing.

Just a random though, I wonder… Now that people (albeit spastics) experienced panic buying, empty supermarket shelfs and general asshattery…

Will the LAFO numbers jump noticeably after the dust settles. I am curious.

@ShootersUnion - you know things, would be good to see numbers of registered gun owners (i.e. owners, not guns) as of now. And the same number in 1 and 2 years from now.

Would be even better to see the growths numbers by state and compare to growth over the next 2 years.

Because the data is handled at state level, you basically have to lodge and RTI/FOI request with the relevant government to get the info, which gets time consuming and expensive.

We have data for Queensland showing that on May 2, 2018 there were 196,136 gun licences on issue in the state. That data covers all licences, and since many shooters have more than one licence (eg a pistol shooter almost certainly has an A&B licence as well), but it will certainly be higher now.