Possible gun grab on straight pull shotguns

An as yet unconfirmed rumour.
They are coming after straight pull shotguns. Looking at an outright ban or reclassify to cat D.
Hearsay from various gun shop employees.
Developing story. I have no proof, beyond their rumours have been accurate in the past. Hold onto your hats.

There’s a lot of missing info. Who is “They”? Which state? Which gun shops?

The NSC’s “intelligence network” is active, no fear.

We receive information daily from multiple sources Australia wide!


At this stage it’s just a heads up. Similar sources to the B230 story. I’m also trying to find out more.

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The NSC said when the NSW FAR backed down on the Adler that the fight was far from over…we are aware of several straight pulls being in NSW FAR’s sights.


They’ll never take my Turknelli. Maybe. :roll_eyes: