Positive recent Police interaction.

A fair while back I had a work Ute stolen along with some contents. The Ute was found within 24 hours and recovered, however my camera bag with a quality camera ,multiple SD cards and a pile of tools were not.
These were all my personal property and the one thing that really pissed me off was the camera and cards. Mainly due to my stupidity in leaving them vulnerable and not having multiple backups.
Months go by. A suitable replacement camera was bought off ebay, new tools were purchased etc etc.
Then I get a call at work from a police station 20klms away saying they think they have recovered property belonging to me , its been there for a fair while but they have just gotten around to tracing the owner as it was tricky.
Great I say, I’ll be there in half an hour - how do you know its my stuff/track me down?
Looking at the photo’s was the answer,there are numerous photo’s with your works logo, sign-written cars and uniform in them and as there was a stolen car registered to Work you reported with similar items stolen we surmised that it may be your property.
So I head off to the Police station, happy that my Camera and cards at a minimum have been recovered.
I arrive and identify myself, go into an interview room and start Identifying my recovered belongings one by one, most of what was stolen was recovered, along with a few items that I had not realized had been taken.
Then we get to the last item.
A backpack that the thieves had placed my items in.
I had to ask the Police Officer once again how they identified me. Got a repeat of how they did some great detective work using the photos on the cards in the camera bag…
I couldn’t help but ask WTF they had not looked at my full name address and number written on the backpack or the luggage tag on the bag or the Airline tag from the last time I flew with it.
At least I got my stuff (mostly) back.


Good to hear that you got your stuff back.
I have found that most coppers are pretty fair and reasonable if you treat them the same as you want to be.
Sometimes they are not the smartest though. :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Goid to hear that you got your gear back mate!

Ya gotta laugh :rofl::joy::grin::grinning:

Great u got your stuff back

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy that they did track me down. Its just that I spent a lot of money replacing stuff that was just sitting at a police station waiting for months needlessly.
I was told it was abandoned when they did a runner from another stolen car.That was probably within hours of my car being stolen, as it was mostly very saleable stuff they could have flogged at cash converters etc.

So you’re a bit upset that the thieves didn’t cash in ??? :thinking:

No just using that as a timing reference.
Theft to recovery by Police = Hours
Theft to contact from Police (via convoluted route) = 4 Months +

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Glad you got your stuff back. … eventually…:+1:

Well that was some mighty fine police work i must say. they must look for the hardest ways to do things. must not have a lot of work to do. even after 4 months glad to hear that you got your stuff back :+1:

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Or… Just maybe, they have criminals to chase. They looked at the tags, verified possessions and got in touch. Sheeeesh.