Portable generator

Well I bit the bullet and bought this one . Does anyone have one or know anything about this brand ? I just hope I’ve bought a good one . Cheers

I’ve got a Yamaha a generation or two older. Always starts, does the job.Look after it and it’ll give you good service.
Yamaha are a good manufacturer, if I was buying new it would be another Yamaha or a Honda.

Thanks for that Wombat

Nothing wrong with a Yamaha, pretty good and reliable.
You might have to be careful if you want to run a chest freezer as well as other fridge/freezers and appliances as you might be trying to draw too much power than the genset can handle.

I went into our local Yamaha dealer, where I have bought my farm quads and motorbikes from over the last 18 years, looking to purchase a generator. They don’t stock them, they sell Hondas instead??? Actually wound up buying a 3.2Kw Briggs and Stratton one from them, the Honda we tried ( 2.8Kw ) wouldn’t run the A/C in the gooseneck horsefloat we have. The B & S will run the house as long as we’re careful with appliance load. It doesn’t like the coffee machine if any other major appliance is running such as a/c or the hot water.

Got to have the coffee machine working.
You can survive without A/C but need coffee

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Yamaha dealer not selling a Yamaha generator that don’t sound too good . Hope I haven’t bought a pile of junk. Mines a 2.8 Kw Yamaha ,haven’t used it yet.

So, how do you look after these things in the ‘off season’. I’d only have one for black outs. which might be once or twice a year for a week or so.

Same as your lawn mower mate.

Same as a lawn mower give it a short run once or twice a mth and service it well . that’s what I do with my rotary hoe and I’ve had it for years and the mower.

You guys look after your mowers and rotary hoes well. I start the mower when the wife nags the grass is too long and the rotary hoe once in spring and perhaps once or twice in summer when it gets converted to a pressure washer.

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…and this is how I failed my agricultural exam. Turns out, a rotary hoe is not a chick who roots in back of an RX-8.

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Even if it was JS it still would need regular services and plenty of lubrication


My lawn mower is a 30 something blonde sheila with size negative shorts and legs up to her ears. She is as fit as I am unfit. The Honda is broken, and will remain broken forever. When she stops ‘tidying my yard’ if you know what I mean for $70 a pop, I might put the correct spark plug back in.

Thats all there is to it, warm her up and let her run for a bit? Sweet.


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