Polymer Cased Rounds

Has anyone here used polymer cased rifle rounds before? Or seen them for sale in Australia?

I got recommended this vid today, and I thought it was kinda cool that they can shape the inside for more efficient powder burn. Probably a marketing gimmick, but still cool.

A big issue that immediately comes to mind is that it’s probably non-reloadable.

That’s pretty cool hey!

It’s the new generation of ammo Americans are looking at. Interesting part will be with sustained fire. Brass case removes a lot of the heat out of the chamber, with plastic ammo - no idea. Should be interesting to watch…

If the heat can’t get through the plastic, how would the chamber get hot?

It’s interesting though that because there’s reduced heat loss, all the energy goes down the barrel instead, allowing for less powder to be used.

new generation of ammo Americans are looking at

Ahh, I guess we’re probably not going to see it on civilian markets for a little while longer then if this is still kinda experimental military tech.

In my head though, the natural progression of all of this, is that one day we might be able to 3D print our own casings, though you’ll probably have to buy the schematics and the proprietary filament from the companies.

Would certainly make feeding obscure milsurps much easier.

Nfi, I don’t know much about materials. Be interesting to see a test, based on everything we know now. It’s all vapourware at this stage. I’d be keen to know what the velocity is even of a like for like round. *shrugs

I found this review on the 308 ammo

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About all that one can say. Bench rest consistency.

Just, WOW