Poll: Should JS buy a Cadet Rifle?

Should @juststarting buy a Cadet rifle?

  • Yes he should
  • Yes he should buy a few
  • Yes, you mean he doesn’t already have one
  • Yes

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Why hasn’t he already got one? Tried to trick me into reloading mine for blackpowder and he doesn’t even have one himself… Shame on you @juststarting

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I feel very much ashamed.

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That’s alright then. As you were

If he doesn’t have one he should be sent to the naughty corner.

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@juststarting the response seems to be unanimous. You should buy a Cadet Rifle mate!

I completely agree, I should.

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I’ve gone to buy a cadet rifle about 6 times. Then I see something better (ie: more expensive) and get that instead.

I want a Cadet, but then I want good condition, which is like $400+ and think to myself, but $400+ is a new 22 vintage I could own, so I get it.

Yep but you dont like 22’s remember. :rofl:

Actually… I don’t. I like fast shooting 22s. Believe it or not I actually have one bolt action 22. There’s room for one more. A very specific one :wink: Dare I say, blued wood and steel. But yeah, only one bolt action 22 here :slight_smile:

How do you blue wood?

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By sacrificing a Smuf, I would have thought it was obvious.

Ok so what rare, specific fruit of smurf sacrifice should we keep our eyes open for?

Oh I don’t know. I just feel like a nice, maybe something from 1950’s in blued steel and wood 22LR in great condition. I think I am getting old.

Sounds to me like what you need is a Martini Cadet in .22LR (they exist). Best of both worlds!

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I think I’d like one in .22, .310 is a pretty useless round and I don’t think I could be fucked loading it when I can plink one in deuce deuce.

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I think the original is cool. Any other calibre would be a funky plinker (I do like those actions), but I wouldn’t call it a “Cadet”.