Political not gun talk

Who else believes this forum is slowly turning into a political whinge forum?? Boted shit being the most popular…well that’s exactly what it is! BORING SHIT, that no one gives a fuck for! Each time i check in it’s all there is! Just saying…rant over In saying this, I realize I’m an offender also…


Feel free to post some content that you would like to read and for the others. I think most are unable to go out for a shoot so things have slowed down abit in regards to firearms chit chat.

Yeah I get covid impact is a contributing factor…

whens the last time you went for a shoot mate what kind of shooting are you intrested in? The last time i’ve squeezed a trigger was a clock 17 at in indoor range here in Perth a few months go now

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About a month ago now…anything cast bullet is my thing…

I’m all for content fellas :wink: I just can’t be the one doing that most of the time. As you know, I’m not a fan of anything politics, but I don’t really have much to talk about these days.

Fair point

I could always mention about my shooting etc but then I feel guilty because you lot in zombie land can’t go out.

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I haven’t pulled a trigger since Easter. :sleepy: sadly all this political shit is getting in the way.

Yeah it is…

Maybe time to revive the what gun is this or what bullet is this from or even some how to’s or reviews lol


Yeah I must admit to lurking on cast bullet forums more…haha

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I went to the range on Tuesday, but i forgot they changed their open hours and have been closed on Tuesdays for a while now :rofl:


I’ve been making terrariums and gardening.

Photos or it never happened

I bought myself an old Ramset jobmaster to satisfy the firearm purchasing urge. Interesting thing to play around with (nothing illegal -no mods to 22lr etc).
I can certainly see why they are no longer allowed on sites.


I hired a Paslode gun from Kennards the other day. In the fine print it said that New Zealand customers must hold a Firearms License…BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!