Police Air Wing

Got to have a tour of PolAir’s facility tonight, pretty awesome bits of kit, the technology at their disposal is amazing. The cameras can read a number plate from 3 kms away! . Had a short stint in the ops room with a live feed, those pilots and Tactical flight officers sure do get a pretty good view from the mobile office at night.


That’s pretty cool. You don’t appreciate how big those machines are until you are close to one. Hope everything is okay with you though, handcuffs not too tight? Let us know if you need someone to post bail lol

Nice, that would have been cool. Got to close for my liking to the medstar helicopter just a few weeks ago. They are big machines

Can you please ask why do they regularly fly over my place… usually see them couple of times a month… and during the bushfire saw Elvis and a couple others at least doing two round trips.

So it’s either I am on some direct fly path, or one of my Ferrari driving neighbor’s source of income is dubious.

Where abouts in Melbourne are you? Airspace has ’ entey gatways ’ sounds like you may be under one kf them lol

Your probably on a flight path. We are too. When I fly from Adelaide to Melbourne I can sometimes see my house as there is a couple of big landmarks that are easily seen. The medstar helicopter takes a consistent route past here, and the firebombers have a refill strip not far away. It’s kind of good in fire season because if you can hear the bombers you know something is up before it hits the radio or the emergency apps

Probably I am.