Pig Hunting Tips and Sign

Thought I’d share these pics. Found on Saturday late morning. Obviously very fresh.

That’s a big porker by the looks of it mate.

Now that’s plenty of incentive to head back out next weekend OB :beers:

Darwin Dingo, great to see you here.

Yeh, from memory that is above average at least. I have seen a bit of sign on & off but not a lot TBO. That’s the freshest so far. Currently trying to work how to set up the replacement trail camera.

Ill be back!

There are pigs in the Enfield SF for anyone that’s looking for some, supposedly some young dicks got sick of driving to NSW all the time so they started bringing little ones back and letting them go.
I have friends with farm near there who would be very happy if people went a shot them out before they can breed up and start causing trouble.

Definitely a big pig!!:grinning: