Petrol prices variations

With the current trend of fuel prices fluctuating you can get into a situation in Melbourne with a price difference of 50 cents a liter.That makes it worth shopping around.
These days before I head out I check out - to plan my fills so I minimize the reaming.

Hey man, I expect 5% commission to the forum fund for advertising your petrol service :slight_smile:

Its not anything to do with me at all.But if everyone uses it they could pass me on 10% of their savings. If that happens I’ll give you 5%.
All jokes aside - getting one 75 liter fill 50 cents a liter cheaper saves me enough for a couple of decent lunches.

Petrols heaps cheaper in ballarat than Melbourne or Geelong.

The wholesale prices are still pretty steady, can’t even blame the whole Iranian thing.

Traralgon, Yea and Kyneton are too.

Definitely, re: price disparity. I find it bazaar, that country (recently drove from Anglesea) has cheaper petrol than Melbourne, you’d think it’s the opposite. My salvation comes in a form of - I don’t drive that much, so that’s kind of good. But will be installing the app…

Yeah I have it bookmarked on my phone, saved us a packet on the trip to Brisbane for Xmas.

You mean, it deflected funds, rather than saved. From fuel to guns.


That’s saved in my book! :wink:

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Something is wrong. Petrol is currently 30c a litre cheaper in Darwin than in Melbourne suburbs…

I just paid $1.37 for U95 in ballarat

Tell me about it. I filled up last weekend in Ballarat for $1.30. driving from Tatura to Melbourne today, stopped at the Wallan service centre and paid $1.65.

This is what I get for not planning ahead!

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I paid $2.30 for diesel over Xmas…That was on Fraser Island thought so doesn’t really count.

Gee wiz, now that’s a merry Christmas!

Yep, back in Rainbow Beach at the time it was about $1.50 so not a bad markup even after the extra delivery costs. Gotta love holiday prices.

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