Petition: Cancel the #CategoryCreep

It’s not much, but it’s something… Get on it.

This petition addresses the Category Creep in the Northern Territory which has made criminals out of everyday people with the stroke of a pen and undermines the National Firearms Agreement.

Unpopular opinion, but internet petitions are not worth the digital paper they’re written on.

The exceptions are proper online petitions run through a parliamentary/government website (like in QLD:, which generally have to at least be looked at by someone in the Government, but petitions hosted on third party sites have pretty much zero weight or influence.

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I know, mate. I also feel like the ‘official’ petitions hold about the same weight.

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They do at least get looked at by someone in an official capacity, and there’s a proper record that it was started and lodged and X number of people signed it; it becomes part of Parliamentary record.