people who should not own or use guns

While looking at weird and wonderful stuff on face book i came across a few clips like this.

some of them should just hand their guns in

Seen that :sweat_smile: its pretty funny

God damn, that idiot looking down the barrel of a loaded shotgun and blowing his hat off his head.
Darwin awards all round I think.

Thank Christ that most of them are American rednecks.
I would like to see what the Arab blokes were shooting, that looks like fun…… :wink:

If I remember correctly it’s a 700 nitro

I think this is the original posting of it

Tazered in the nuts now I have seen it all. Damn that guy that shot is hat off is lucky to be alive. that was just pure crazy luck after the worlds dumbest things to do.

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Yep. He is very lucky. I bet he went and brought a lotto ticket after that

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More likely he went and brought new underwear.

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And went to church as well.

Lotto ticket would be a waste of money, that dipshit has used up all his luck for the rest of his life i reckon!

Be funny, if it was like the 5th time. And he’s like, please, god, just kill me, please. LOL I’ve been trying this shit for 3 years.

Sort of makes me think of this cartoon.