Passed my safety course with 100%

Not really worth bragging about, but I just thought I’d let @juststarting and @darwindingo know that I’ve taken the next step in my journey and passed the firearms safety course at my local police station :slight_smile: will be submitting my Cat A/B license application tomorrow, and I’ll likely post again once I’ve got my actual license!

Exciting times :smiley:


Congrats mate, farking awesome… cant wait to have a plink together…

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Woooo another card carrying member!

@dingopup - FYI

Let me know when you’re ready for your Cat H paperwork :slight_smile: I think after the “come and try May” there will be a brief spike in interest and they will book a safety course. If you’re keen, let me know.

@Supaduke just saying…


If the pup gets H Im going to have to get back into it… :wink:

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Ooooo we have takers. I love it!

@darwindingo I can imagine you with a single shoot 45CL in hand, yelling, captain get me my boat, set sail for the Virgin islands! Ahoy!

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What you talking about, Ive two hands lol…

I’ll explain later, but you’ll need one hand free

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Ohh navigate map of tassie lol… hehe

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Open up the rabbit hole, we have another member lol.

Congratulations @dingopup


Good on you mate! As you progress through licenses, and hunting and join clubs and categories and competitions and associations always remember: We are all shooters wether we hunt, protect, compete, collect or plink.
You will encounter a lot of politics and a lot of bias, and a little bit of contempt sadly but dont let any of that dictate how you shape create and become a living part of this culture.


Spot on!