Parker Hale PH7A Anyone??

Anyone got one of these sights for a Martini Cadet?? Looking for one! Found a pricey one in the UK, by the time i get it, but would prefer to find one locally if possible…Any information would be great thanks!!

If you know anybody in NZ, there’s one here Trade Me

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Looks good, not sure if i will put a scope on it yet…but thats nice, thanks!

I’ve got one on my 1215 .22. Sorry but it’s staying there.
Talking to a bloke in one of the gunshops at Bisley, those sights are worth more than I paid for the rifle. Quite sought after over there.

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Yeah $250 seems the price…although i missed a cader with one on it for $250!! I scored a 2nd pattern cadet sight for $50, so that will do for the interim