P14 barrel thread

Hi lobby team, please excuse my ignorance on this, but will a P14 barrel screw into. mauser 98 )8mm) action? Just thinking in regards to older type Aussie calibers that were based on the 303 Brit. As these barrels would be replaced now back to 303 British. Can anyone advise. Thank you

No it won’t, they’re different diameter, different thread pitch, and different tooth angle.

It wouldn’t do you much good anyway, as the P14 uses a rimmed cartridge (303 British), whereas the Mauser uses rimless cartridges.

You’d have to modify the bolt head, extractor, ejector and magazine to get it to feed, headspace, and extract.

I’m not really sure of the question as you are asking as you ask about putting a P14 barrel on a Mauser then ask about chambering 303 based cartridges back to 303 - very few of these would be on Mauser actions.

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