Ozzie Reviews - in the news! I like that guy heaps now.


Queensland police gave serving officer permission to run rightwing gun blog.

Yes! I think? Wow. Awesome.

This is awesome.


I bet crazy samy is having a full blown stroke right now. Lmao.

I reckon you would be right, likely on the phone to the commissioner wanting him stopped.

Can’t stop now… He’ll probably resign before stopping. Then start a legal fight, because it’s been okayed in writing. But like the article said, nothing was hidden and everything was above board, so there’s really no grounds for anything. Good on him.


The best F-U he could ever post…

Boom! Business as usual. Love it.

I had no idea he was a police officer. I thought he was a former Army dude.

Wait a minute…DOES THIS MEAN I’M RIGHT WING TOO? Does mum know???

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You fascist bastards, we’ll only have left wing jizz flung around here, lol!

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