Owen guns in Gympie, QLD

I visited these guys today and annoyed the shit out of them for many hours, trawling through all the old second hand guns. Ended up buying an SMLE single shot .410, I had ment to buy a cadet rifle in 218 bee but the barrel had a big rusty ring in it, I almost bought it anyway with the thought of shortening and recording the barrel, but yeah i went the 410 instead.
They have a massive amount of both new and used guns, all the other stuff you could hope for and were really friendly, helpful and tolerant of my tyre kicking in indecision.
Oh yeah and they have an amazing museum and best of all it’s all contained in a concrete bunker with no phone signal so the wife couldn’t interrupt. Lol!
There is a virtual tour of the museum that I recommend but here’s a few pics I snapped

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20191220_120422 20191220_120428


Oh yeah and they haven’t forgotten 96, got these stickers thrown in.


Holy smoke. You dont see something like that very often

I think they may have been smoking something when they came up with the layout, lol!

Ron is the bloke who I bought my Type 53 rifle off. Very interesting guy. Haha.

I am definitely going to visit one day.

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You sound like Nelson.

What happened to the bloke just a few weeks ago that wasn’t going to be buying anymore guns for a while.:rofl:

Looks like you are on a road trip of gun museums. Never new shops like this existed in Australia, they have gone to heaps of trouble and it may be a bit off the wall (pun) but it looks good.

Shotguns don’t count mate!

And yeah, there are some amazing lgs out there still.
Will be visiting Rebel Gun Works too, they have a pretty good collection upstairs as well if I remember correctly. I’ll be sure to snap some pics and maybe pick up a bargain.

I visited Gympie as a 16 year old with 2 mates on a surfing safari. We took the bus as far north as we could. Then we got on the Rainbow beach wreck tour and then walked with our boards over the next headland and then managed to catch a ride in the back of a 4*4 up to the beach we were going to stay at. It had a caravan park and a pub which we had no trouble getting into every night and drinking and buying heaps of take aways. Good memories from long ago.

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This came up when I was searching for some other stuff.
There is a shit load of these in Ron’s museum still.

I seen them as I was looking around the web site. I think it was them hanging over a railing.

Yeah, he made a heap of them just prior to the rape of 96 and then got stuck with them.


@Nomis also check out these guys website listed above

Yeah Ron is who I bought my Chinese Type 53 from. Interesting (but very nice) guy.