Outer Edge Projectiles review

I have purchased a few tester packs of these in both the 6.5 Target and 6mm (243) hunting. I bought 3 pack of each to give 30 projectiles of each to give them a good fair run.

Well the 6.5 in the Creadmoor they are an absolute disaster I never thought I would see anything so bad. I loaded them as per the manufactures instructions which is near mag length with a good jump. I had tested this in the 243 and they did like the long jump as stated.

I had a single digit SD and they were loaded to the Kernal however the group at 100 yrds was spread across 6-7 inches in vertical and about the same in the horizontal.

I don’t like to write bad reviews but these just dont perform they are being shot at the correct speed, correct twist and correct seating and its not just like a not so good group. This is really random spray shot to shot.


Yet strangely enough I’ve heard nothing but praise for some of their other calibers. Very weird, I’d get in touch with them and let them know the load data along with some pics of the target. I hear their customer service is quite good, maybe just a bad batch??

Did you run various charges or just from a recommended load?

I haven’t confirmed it yet but my thought is that they are not fat enough to engage the rifling. Not that they felt loose in the case. They sprayed larger than an A4 sheet of paper. I could go back to a 123 Lap Scenar or a Hornady 143 ELD-x and be MOA or better but the 110 OE were just terrible.