On Special Buy it now

For those things that come up on special that even if you have one you feel you should buy another.

Or you could just post it here and share with others.

Damn its gone already or I cant find it again at Cleavers a Howa 223 SS barreled action for just $395

They’ve got similar for 6.5CM

I bought the 6.5 and 223 barrel actions last year but that was close tp $500 for the 223 in blued. I have spent the last hour or more looking for it with the screen shot saver in standby to capture it. For some reason I dont think it was in the specials section.

They have a howa in bull 308 for 399…I think the 223 was gobbled up.

Someone on SSAA Used Guns is selling an ex-dragoon Mosin for $590, including postage. Started at 700 and has steadily come down.

I’d be buying it but my budget is blown.