OLight Sales starts soon

Olight have an EOFYS, starts in 6 days(16/7/23).

Some good deals in there if you like shiny things.

Their sales are proper sales too, i’m going to try not to look because the buggers get me every time, i must have half a dozen Olights now & i’ve only ever used two.


Hrmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm do i go tactitard

looks like the sale actually starts in 6 days on the 16th. 20-35% off in general, Still dont think I can justify the money on another torch. I do have one of thier headlamps an older version that is a bit heavy but a great light.

Yes, I was accidentally looking at US site. Their sale starts soon, ours starts Sunday. Fixed OP

Early access starts in 3 days according to my shopping cart. Yes Olight had got me sucked in. Wife banned me from buying torches. They sell knifes now too! Hasn’t banned that yet. If you spend enough you get free torches. They even have a spinning wheel on the site. Very addictive if you into the whole collecting coins and patches.

There torches are pretty good though.

For nearly $600 they would want to be gold plated titanium unobtainum and provide sunlight and rays of fire.


Guess my Olights are considered old now…
Any of you guys used them spotlighting?

I’ve used them mounted on my rifles plenty but a guy I used to shoot with fairly regularly hated me using them because he was convinced they were too bright or white or something & spooked the vermin we were targeting.
Interested to know if anyone has similar experience or view.

Seriously, I got a bunch of Chinese torches which are crazy good. Camping, car, home, etc. never had an issue with any. Most take 18650s and have onboard charger. Never understood the fascination with Olights when it’s all the same stuff. One of those times when things are same-same.

I still want that torch/laser doodet.

Personally I think he is just jealous. I mean WTF spotlighting has always been about the brightest whitest light you could produce although in a tight beam which these lights do as well. Light the beast up and then quickly shoot it that is the game and move on to the next one.


I’ve tried them with the different light filters they come with & personally just prefer the unfiltered light. Not sure about them spooking any more than any other light, but can’t really see how they’d make a difference.
What i do i know is that when i use the magnet barrel mount with Javlots i get at least 2 to 1 against my mates shooting with me who are relying on the spotter holding the light for them.
They work so well i bought a couple of them so others can use them too. Such a great combo with the magnet mounts, you can spot with the torch then just throw it at the barrel & it holds so well, then wherever you aim is daytime.

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I bought one in Ballarat before heading to “Plinkfest” whatever year that was.
It disappeared some time last year and was fucked if I could find it. I bought the newer improved version to replace it and of course two weeks later found the first one… :roll_eyes:
The magnet mount is excellent.


arnold-schwarzenegger-do-it-now (1)

I use the Javelot mini and the odin turbo LEP torches for spotlighting.

The cool white does wash out colour but I haven’t noticed it spook animals any more than a normal halogen spot. I use the javelot mini mounted on the 223.

The LEP (laser excited phosphorus) Odin turbos are great, they don’t step brightness down because they don’t get hot. Battery last for at least 6 hours of shooting. Pity they stopped selling them, lucky I bought two. These i use with the thermal, just flash them around to pick up eyes and then do the rest with the thermal. Really tight spot being a laser based light so not everyones cup of tea.

I also have a Baldr RL mini, Baldr GL pro and a baldr pro with an IR laser.


Cart is waiting

Have been tempted to get a jevelot pro but they are just so bulky.

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Good to see you’re ready to go lol. The little Batons are great for their size, i’ve got one with the extra charging case.

I had a Lenser head torch that was Lenser priced that I bought in 2017, and I lost it in Melbourne or somewhere between there and Darwin late last year.

Does Olight stuff last? Do you guys rate ut?

I too am waiting. You get a free mini torch if you sign up.

Yeah I went blue laser because

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I have an old p7 lenser, i don’t think the old focusable beam is needed any more and the battery life isn’t very good compared to modern lithium.

The olight stuff is built well. I have nitecore torches as well but i would say the olight has better fit and finish. The mag base charging is great and you don’t need a separate battery charger and you can charge most of them all with the same cable.

One of the main things is the different types of lights they offer. My missus loves the obulbs and lanterns. I like the edc stuff.

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Yep i rate it too, it’s pretty good stuff.

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