Old school .222s

Does anyone have an opinion on what a good traditional sporter .222 I should be looking for?
I’m no snob when it comes to guns if it works well it’s good for me, my 340 .223 savage being a case in point.
However it seems that the .222 being out of fashion some more upmarket Rifles are available for reasonable money (tightarse). Theres Brno’s, CZ’s occasional Tikkas, Model 700 and 70’s all under a grand.
What do you think would be the best bet for a long term relatively seldom used “nice” choice in timber?
Any that have serious drawbacks/pitfalls?

I’m a big fan of the cadet rifles, but there are a few mod 70’s around.
Also the rem 788’s seem ok, I was told they were discontinued because they were hurting 700 sales because the were to good for their price.

Brno Fox, “the death” for foxes! I’m not sure what price they go for these days but the Sako Forester was available in 222 also. Very much a classic, Cheers.

Is there a difference between the Brno Fox and fox 2?

A nice old Sako L461 Vixen in .222. Timber blued with a classic fixed 6x power scope on top. Buy from a shop so u can use their bore scope camera to inspect the bore hasn’t been shot out by the last owner. Won’t go wrong their if u can find a good 1. :+1:



Not so old school, but still cool as!

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They go alright those old bangers :wink: pretty sure they’re the model before mine, never seen one in .222 before, looks kind of ’ roo shooter ’ esk with the cal and wood,

Although only an ssaa fudd would try and roo cull with a single shot :joy:

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