OH&S Officer role

Anyone one here their workplace OH&S officer/ rep?
Did you get any formal training or do a course beforehand?

I’ve been sort of forced to take up this role shortly (and yes I know it cannot be forced on you …but) and would like to hear others experience. At least I’d be able to get work to pay for some up to date first aid training.

We always sent our reps off to do a course before hand so they know what is involved and what their responsibilities are.

Not sure what industry you are in but in mining there are penalties for failing to do the job correctly, as in turning a blind eye etc

Not a whs rep or anything but deal with them quite a bit as they walk around the workshop, sometimes good sometimes bad :joy: good luck! We’re fighting a war with safety at the moment they’re on a power trip

Once you have been elected you get to go on the 5 day inital training course. Then every year you are the rep you can go on the one day refresher. I am pretty sure the courses should be paid for by the employer and you should be paid to go there. Hopefully you can achieve something in the position you have and dont have your hands tied too much. Good luck.