OGL App removed??

Does anyone know if the Oz gun lobby app has been removed from Google play store?
I have a tablet and would like to add it there.

@juststarting what do you know about this?

I use the app on my phone, but I think when going to the website it ask me did I want to download the app, I’m not sure it was ever on play store.
But I’m not the most tech savvy admin.

I didn’t know we had an app!

I think it may be called Discourse, which is the name of the forum software that we use here. Search for ‘Discourse’ and it should be there.

I know what I did now.
I created a short cut on my home screen which looks like an app.

That’s what I do too, @zuccinni, but there is an app too.

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There’s an app??? :astonished: :astonished:

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I use the app on my phone

We getting all flash and modern, almost yuppyfied. Next we will be able to order capachinos online.

I can do that already :slight_smile:

Do they come with a vape refill & some beard oil?

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@JSS , please… Please… What do you think this is, amateur hour? Of course it comes with ejuice and beard oil!

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Cant find the app, I have only a shortcut to forum on homescreen of my phone…is there a better way??

I just use a shortcut in a web browser, but apparently there is an app.

Guessing there’s one for iOS too, but I don’t know.

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Yeah, I use the app, don’t know how I got there, I went to log in one time and it asked me if I wanted to try the app. Works good for me :smile:

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I was the same as @bentaz, logged in on my phone and there was a message that was up in the banner area asking about the app so I downloaded it.