Oceania 9mm Lever Release

Scouring the interwebs. I came across this

Seems a 9mm Lever release is being prototyped and tested by Oceania.

Turns out Oceania is a one man band.

He makes some very nice ,albeit expensive AR straight pulls.
He obviously is a very good machinist and knows his way around a firearm. I really hope he can make this happen.

I and several others I know would pre sale this bad boy in quick order.

Mr Oceania, if you are reading this, I believe in you, I have been waiting for this for many , many years.

Don’t rush it, make it good and I will buy it.

Hopefully this thread ages like a fine wine and discussion on the new arrival ensues.


That will be awesome.

I’d pre-order the shit out of it.

Came here to bless this thread.

That is all.


Some more updates on the 9mm, looks like it’s going to be a thing at this stage, KEWL!!!


Blessed thread indeed.

Ohhhh hrmm ohh ohhh mmmm

I want one so bad.


That looks really good… Hope it’s not too far away if the Glock mag lowers work well

Stop posting here, every time this thread lights up I start getting a chub and hyperventilating!


So from the rest of the board. the more the better. :grinning: :imp:


“9mm update tonight!” - Facebook

So are we doing a group buy bulk order or what (apart from the people in NSW I wouldn’t get too excited)

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I would be all over it!

There’s the update, I should have been a bit more patient.

  • Not NSW compliant
  • Glock mags
  • Still a few months of updates to come

I think it looks incredible, especially in that video. Personally I wish the lever was in a more comfortable area that doesn’t require moving the index finger, but who knows what the final product will be.

I’m with you @Q_Q . I’m definitely keen, but also the lever position is giving me a bit of meh.

But i want it!

Yes, good news indeed.