OC spray is trending? WA WTF?

Catching up on news… WA people are permitted pepper spray? I kinda knew it was there, but with idiotic gun laws i thought it’s more of a category bazooka like firearm that’s only allowed for the criminally insane. And yet, it appears I’m wrong and apparently it’s a trending thing on the news.

Discuss! WA folks, do you own, carry, can you own a carry? Rules? Does it need to be locked in a cat H safe :rofl:

I’m genuinely interested now.

I think it should be issued for free with every sr citizen card.

Basically you can have it in your possession but only with lawful excuse. Basically if you are a woman with previous dv issues that’s lawful. If you’re a big guy wanting it just for self defence then you’ll have a hard time justifying why you have it.

Basically anyone can buy it but you just have to have an excuse ready for when the cops find it. If you use it be prepared to be charged for some stupid shit as there is no protections for the person using it.

With the amount of stabflation around at the moment I’m pretty sure I could say it’s for my protection


And boom, right on cue another draconian law that prevents you carrying a knife for convenience. Will be interesting what they include as lawful excuse, the example they gave was work and explicitly said no self defense. Recon opening food packets will fly as that is why I carry my knife most the time.

So they won’t even advertise the areas of the search.

I reckon you’ll be safe in the wheatbelt

The pocket knife I carry in my work bag that I used regularly to open parcels and A4 paper boxes wrapped in plastic is probably a liability. Guess I’ll just grab sterile scissors or a scapel from the supply room instead.

Good work Papsmear