NT Reverses rifle reclassification - we've had a win!

IN a huge win for shooters, the NT News is reporting the Northern Territory Police Service has apparently agreed to reverse its recategorisation of the Savage A22R and Verney-Carron Speedline rifles.

Late last year, the Acting NT Police Commissioner used his powers under the Territory’s Firearms Act to declare the guns were Category C and D respectively, effectively banning them.

We spearheaded the effort to fight this, alongside our friends at SIFA, the NT Field & Game Association and SSAA NT, and we are delighted to say the NT Police have indicated they will likely be reversing the decision and returning the guns to Categories A and B where they belong.

According to the story, a Northern Territory Police spokeswoman said “NT Police are repealing the declaration with a view to engaging in more consultation with all parties involved; to make a considered and informed decision on the classification of these types of firearms”.

This is an incredible result and a significant win for shooters not just in the NT, but all across Australia.

It’s also one of the few times since 1996 that a significant restriction on shooters has been successfully fought and overturned and sends a strong message to politicians and the anti-gun mob that we’ve had enough of being used for political points scoring and being treated like potential criminals.

This outcome has been made possible by the strength and support of our members as well – so if you know someone who isn’t a Shooters Union member (maybe it’s you?), why not encourage them to join so we can keep fighting for the rights of #allshooters?

Follow this link and get involved! https://shootersunion.com.au/join-shooters-union/


Seen this of FB last night but now can’t find it again…

So in what looks like a big win for NT firearm owners at the Firearms Tribunal Hearing today the NT Police said they are going to repeal the declaration for the Savage A22R rifle that was changing the rifle to a Category C.
This is great news and a lot of credit must go the Appealing owners, the NT Firearms Council and the FAC that have done a heap of work behind the scenes, SSAA and Laura Patterson from SIFA .
The finer details are still to be worked out but its great news whichever way you look at it !

I think it is a bit of a kick to SU that they don’t get a mention at all.

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Certainly a good outcome, but without any desire to rain on the parade, note the use of words from the police spokeswoman, and the “NT Police have indicated they will likely ----”

As with most things that have a political bent, believe it when you see it.


I’ve picked up on that too.

We have to err on the side of caution when making public statements, but are reliably informed the recategorisation IS being reversed; we understand it will be officially announced later this month but don’t have anything in writing we can confirm that with - hence not being able to use more definite language.


Poliscum never come right out and say anything really, they’re always hedging their bets.
They talk a lot but don’t really say anything solid ever, otherwise we might start expecting them to stick by their promises!

It’s official - we have a letter from the NT Police Commissioner confirming the recategorisation has been reversed. Hashtag Winning, as the fellow kids say. :smiley:


Reckon the acting commissioner was on a power trip doing it on thier own back or following orders and thrown under the bus after the backlash ?

I believe the Varne Carron (spelling?) is banned there… So my bet is a hint maybe, but mostly following precedent (with a hint of ha-ha, I’m a hero, that’s my legacy ego boost).

@ShootersUnion it’s #winning, you don’t internet good.

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The reversal applies to the Verney-Carron as well. :smiley:

And we can too internet good! Our use of internet slang is radical, yo! Cowabunga with a side order of gnarly, in fact!


Oh wow and Verney Carron. That’s embarrassing, but that’s how it should be. You give an inch, they take a mile. Same must apply for us.


That is so 80’s dude. :grinning: get with it Like actually awesome.

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