Nt man charged for murder

very early days, but sounds really dodgy he getting charged… apparently the intruder may have absconded from a local " rehab " centre… gotta be more to it…

will the NSC or Shooters Union be getting involved??

There’s a lot of missing details in there… Hard to say either way and I am not sure it’s beneficial to discuss it in any speculative way. My 2c

Fundraiser by Lorretta Gibson : Cutta Cutta Caves Incident (gofundme.com)

good to hear that’s started… Hopefully ether the NSC or Shooters union get involved as well…

Fwiw it wasn’t me in that story. I was naked and acting weird at a different strangers property that night.

From todays paper;

Naturally, the gofundme has been canceled due to WSBV.

Moral of the story, phones are dangerous weapons.

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