NSW Police seize 700 guns from dealer

I wonder where this dealer was? Lots of really interesting collectible stuff in this story’s pics…


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Well your honour i am a gun dealer after all, and how was that bloke supposed to rob that armoured car if i didn’t supply him that rocket launcher and a couple of 1911s…

But seriously, WOW!

With that sort of a collection it’s difficult to believe it’s someone totally unknown.

I’d like to see said rocket launcher,notice there was no pic of it or any mention of rockets, without rockets it’s just a bit of pipe!
11 unregistered firearms out of 700, they could of just been surrender and awaiting destruction.
If he’s a scumbag then all good and well, but I’d like to hear what actually happens in court.


I’m with you bentaz i’d like to hear more on the subject before commenting anything but I will say there was no mention of him selling unregistered guns . From what i’m hearing up here those southern police are creating situations and claims against gun owners ,that are mostly half truths maybe it’s time to have a separate body to handle the gun registration and law reforms around guns rather than have the police doing it because it’s very clear they have an agenda of their own with firearms.

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It’s about 200 guns then…

It will be interesting to read the details when the hype is taken out. Even reading the original story in the 700 guns seized only 11 were not registered. That changes the whole slant on the issue right there. Those 11 may have been amnesty hand ins or just registry stuff ups. He probably did sell something to someone he shouldn’t have which brought the house down around him. One of the rifles pictured is a break action air rifle from that to rocket launchers the truth will be in the details.

I think this also ties into the issue some of us were discussing in another thread about random country dealers have a crapton of collectible old guns which they never manage to sell because they refuse to get a website and thus no-one knows what they have.

I mean, if a gun dealer anyone had heard of had been raided we’d all know about it and everyone would be talking about what it would mean for so-and-so gun shop and where we were supposed to get our ammo/parts/cool old guns/etc from now; instead none of us seem to know which gun dealer this was.

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I found this news video online

Apparently from Nyngan, wherever that is, and in the video it definitely looks like a rocket launcher.

That was my point - someone in a town none of us had ever heard of had dozens, if not hundreds of collectible guns for sale (at least in theory). You can bet old mate didn’t have a website and I’d be surprised if he was using one of the gun selling websites we all keep an eye on.

That’s assuming he was actually a dealer and not a collector who occasionally sold a few odds and ends to justify having a dealer’s licence, but getting 700 guns - especially somewhere like NSW - does seem more towards the level of “dealer” rather than “Collector who wants a lot of guns and also has vast amounts of money to invest in vaults and security and business registration and tax compliance”.

An empty single use LAW. I guess if you were motivated and had the resources you could make a rocket for it. It’d be a lot easier to start from scratch and just make one of these - https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2014/10/13/iras-recoilless-improvised-grenade-launcher/ if one were so inclined.


Yup that’s just a pipe now, unless your the VC in which case you Could make a mortar tube out of it.
In the video I saw he had stacks of pistols and revolvers but they were all antique from what I could see, he did have that very scary looking air rifle.
It just looked like @Nomis house will look in 10 years time, with all the helmets n stuff

Seems pretty clear cut now. I wonder if they’ll buy his “oh i was in fear for my life” story.

I don’t think it’ll take 10 years…


Not a chance. Even if they believe him, the fact that he received money, ground off the serial numbers and did it over and over again without going to the police is going to screw him I think.

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I think that’s a different case mate

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I’m so proud of you right now!

Yeah definitely, if they’ve raided his house/shop yesterday, there’s no way he would his trial start today.

Also the article is a Port Kembla fella, and the OP thread is a The Marra guy.

@Martini - makes me tempted to just visit rando gun shops when passing through country towns when I go fishing and stuff.

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Yep you’re right, i jumped the gun on that one, it just popped up on my news feed and i assumed it was the same story. Jeez these naughty dealers are making the news this week… is there an election coming up i’m not aware of lol

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You should always drop into those out of the way lgs, I think it’s illegal to drive past a gunshop and not stop in.