NSW police officers hospitalised with stab wounds as shots fired at man reportedly armed with knives


“A number of shots were discharged by police; however, the man was uninjured, and two officers suffered stab wounds — one to leg and the other to the hand,” police said.

Maybe he was so hyped up on something, that uninjured part is not true. If it is… Well…
I don’t know if I should laugh or cry.

…also seems we have upshot (no pun intended) in police shootings. Interesting.

I think the increase is more an increase of reporting. News travels so much faster now when everyone tweets/livestreams these incidents.

I can’t back up these sentiments at all though - I don’t know where to find data on this.

My first thought was to the quality of police officers these days, the last two incidents i’ve seen footage of show police running away.
This bloke was stopped by “witnesses who made citizens arrest” while two armed cops got chased down and stabbed while fleeing.
What a joke…


I also wonder where the “number of shots fired” went? bullets don’t just evaporate when they miss a bad guy.


Wouldn’t surprise me if the cops accidentally shot each other then just said they were stab wounds to blame the bad guy :laughing:

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