NSW Police launch probe after photo emerges of Police Minister David Elliott shooting submachine gun

Oh so much lolz here. And of course, that maggot shitbird pops his head up out of the sewerage to cash in. Lmao

“You’d have to wonder what is going through the mind of a senior Minister … to go and pick up a lethal weapon like this without checking if they had a lawful capacity to do that,” Mr Shoebridge said.

Holly crap, this is fun. This is what’s going through his head. Something shitbridge will never know.

I wonder if he was being introduced to the new gun for prison officers? ( who would know)

Everyones frothing. “THESE ARE ILLEGAL!” Only these two types of people csn use them! And all these other people if you sign here, here and initial here.

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I was reading this just waiting for the David Shoebridge/Samantha Lee quote.

Pretty sure people are gunning for him and looking for any little slip up to nail him on.

Someone forgot to tick a couple of boxes, ahhh I just “love” ticking boxes…

Reckon a nori will miracilously show up after a ’ clerical error ’ ?

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I reckon it’ll go down as a slip of judgment on his part and be forgotten , this seems the norm for pollies these days especially Scomo then there’s the avoid the question which is also working for Scomo so i’m thinking all the rest will adapt this also until people buck which I doubt they ever will

I can’t believe it even made the news…Fair enough if he was running around his backyard cutting loose on the local bird life with it, but he was at a special range with the blokes trained & licenced for it, who really gives a damn if he ticked the box or signed the form?
Someone’s out to get him & the media have jumped on like the parasites they are.


I just saw this being flogged on our ABC. I wonder if prison officers are taught to shoot an automatic weapon holding the magazine like that? Bigger spray of boolitts I guess.

I’m pretty sure that’s the handle bars he’s got, the bullet clips are the one at the front, you can’t hold that one coz all the murders are stored in there and it will burn your hand.


Exactly, and that’s why we’re not jumping up and down carrying on about this like pork chops.

Most state firearm laws have some provision for the Police Commissioner to grant exemptions from pretty much any part of them, and there’s also usually exemptions for police and Commonwealth agents engaged in official duties - otherwise, how would the SERT guys and girls learn how to use specialist fun guns in the first place?

This makes more sense than the political argument.

I like sub machine guns

No biggie public servants are exempt from the same laws that are inforced on the general population anyway aren’t they?:love_you_gesture: