NSW obsolete cal, antique laws?

Can anyone here tell me if I can take my 8ga muzzle loader, wall hanger to NSW and hang it up on the wall like I can in Vic?

Pretty sure they have to be made permanently inoperable, remember the Lithgow Museum fiasco?

Thanks mate.
How do you do that on a muzzle loader? Weld the hammer to the side plate maybe?

Now don’t take this as gospel, and I’m not going to "google"it and re-post what I find as my own vast knowledge, ( like a certain fuckwit on the “other” forum ), but I’m pretty sure the action has to be welded shut as well as the barrel plugged.
So on a muzzle loader, welding the hammer would have to satisfy that one.
This information is from what I have read in passing while going through NSW laws and what an uncle of mine was told to do by the constabulary after a visit where they noticed his “wall-hangers”.

Yeah cool, that gives me a rough starting point anyway.
I might just email your firearm branch and ask for sure

Pre-1900 muzzleloading longarms are NOT firearms in NSW (or anywhere, even WA) as far as I am aware.

Section 6A of the NSW Firearms Act says “A person is exempt from any requirement under this Act to hold a licence or permit in respect of the possession of an antique firearm. However, the exemption provided by this subsection does not extend to an antique revolver.” It also notes you can’t fire the gun unless you’ve got a licence or permit.

Based on the legislation, a pre-1900 8ga muzzeloader is an antique in NSW and you can indeed hang it on the wall or whatever.


The Lithgow fiasco was because the museum was (is) full of machine-guns, anti-tank rifles, assault rifles and other “scary” stuff. Pre-1900 muskets don’t need to be licensed or registered in NSW.

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Cool, Thanks for that

The problem with the “antique” rule is that it is usually read in conjunction with “obsolete calibre” rules.
Since we are talking muzzle-loader, you can still buy the components to make it fire.
This is the argument that the NSW police used with my uncle.
Not looking to get into an argument here, like I said before, just giving personal experience, well, my uncles anyway. :grin:
I’d get in touch with registry and remove the doubt.

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I will do that before I head up.
Just spitballing at the moment,still gunna be a while before the border opens and it might be a fair while after that that I have my own wall to hang it off.
Cheers for all the input though guys.

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You’ll have to let me know when you do start heading north. You know you’re welcome to call in and catch up mate.

I will do mate, no idea yet when I’ll be free to move across borders, but once I am I will be back n forwards a bit.