NSW is shit!! I want a Rossi circuit judge and I can't have one! 😩

Looks like I have to move :triumph:

Vic mate, we accept refugees and you’d be welcome :slight_smile: lol

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I haven’t shot a samba yet so might be there! Got a job there for me? :smiley:

Probably not :confused:

There’s always job keeper!
But that over now I think :slightly_frowning_face:

You should protest in the form of a pta for a 50bmg

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Not allowed to have a BMG ?!!

They are too expensive to feed anyway…even reloads cost about $15 a shot!

pish-posh, it’s on the list, one day!

In NSW? I’d question that, I am fairly sure they are not.

The 50BMG is still perfectly legal in NSW and a standard Cat B firearm available over the counter at Magnum Sports. Reloads are more like $8 with CCI primers and 750gr AMAX and go up from there depending on choice of projectile :slight_smile:


Just use trailboss and cast pills

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For what reason are they not available in NSW?

Circuit judge? Or BMG ?

Alfa. Circuit Judges are not that fantastic.

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If they are the same as the Alpha revolver pistols, they are shit.

NSW views the Alfa Carbine as a semi, because you can just pull the trigger to cycle it.

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Nsw is crappy! I not long ago bought a Ruger precision great little rifle , you know, how you can adjust the length of pull on the stock NOT IN NSW tho, it’s gotta be pinned/permantly fixed in one position to comply in the grandma state! :rage:

Geez that’s crap. It’s nothing more than a double action revolver…a long way from semi auto, as far as fast repeating shots go…

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That sucks, but each state seems to throw in some retarded rules of their own so don’t feel too disheartened. And to be honest the Nsw gov is doing you a favour in this case, unless you enjoy a face full of gas & burnt powder those circuit judges are shite anyway.

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